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Our Mission

The main mission of the USM ACCOUNTANCY LTD is as follows:-


We are to serve all the businesses. These businesses may be of all sizes (small, medium or large) of all nature (Manufacturers and Traders). They are all in need of labour, purchase, sales, logistical, technical, and business strategy services.


Our all employees would be given equal opportunities of promotions. They would be given options to work with us on fixed salary basis, Commission basis, salary and commission basis or profit sharing basis in all won contracts or projects he/ she involved in.


All employees’ performance will be evaluated at the year end of each projects/contracts and their remuneration for the next projects to be won will be determined in accordance with their respective performance. The company will take care of each employee/contractors individually, and would respect and award their loyalty.


It is a company that would try hard to come up to the expectation of not only its owners but also all the beneficiaries i.e. its employees/ contractors as well.


If any time any problem among interest of both parties arises, an amicable solutions would be reached unanimously to keep the culture intact.

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